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The airline tickets were bought. Planning a trip to Bali, the intention was just relax, enjoy, nothing more nothing less. But the Cosmos decided otherwise. Strange, it was a struggle to find a hotel around Nyepi  date of March. By coincidence I found Bali Yoga Canti offered a Special Retreat Journey to Inner Self on Silence Day on the dates of March .. [Read more]
The uniqueness of this retreat is that the yoga sessions are in combination with sessions with Made, the priest and Komang, the healer. My experiences, as someone who is not spiritual, rather driven by ratio, are unique and difficult to explain. Yet I wish to share some of my inner experiences during this one week retreat and the “Journey  to  Inner .. [Read more]
We had a great yoga session with you in Bali during our visit In 4 days. Mr. Puttu made us learn so many postures and made us to understand the power of yoga. His extensive background in several different yoga traditions, with private classes, make his yoga classes very challenging, invigorating, and inspiring. He teaches the body/mind .. [Read more]
Putu and Made Subur were my Christmas gift for 2011. I visited these two spiritual men on December 25 and experienced real Christmas in my heart. The purification ceremony was simple, beautiful and full of meaning, love and good energy.   The priest read my name, hands and feet and shared with me his knowledge and what I needed to know. It was .. [Read more]
A journey to my innerself.... This unique and fantastique experience in a dream surounding helped me to realise a way of fonction with my affective life... Something coming from far far back and made me repeat inconciensly the same mistake over and over and put my afective .. [Read more]
I experienced the real power of healing and recharge energy through all of the Yoga "meditation & asana", international energy work - "crystal stones healing" and Balinese ceremoney - "Purify". Before these sessions, actually I was very tired and sleepless and no time to look inner of myself. And they know about all my conditions without telling anything from me. It .. [Read more]
I write this exactly one week after my purification ritual at Bali Yoga Canti.  One week after I was immersed in water and breathed through a halo of flowers that cleansed my aura and cleared my karma.  This was the final stage in my journey and completed my transformation. The Yoga Canti retreat is an authentic spiritual retreat where you can .. [Read more]
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