About Bali Yoga Canti

Putu Dwijendra - The Teacher

Putu DwijendraOne day, Putu was laying down and chanting the Gayatri Mantram, when suddenly he saw darkness followed by sparks of golden light came unto him. As the light got closer, he noticed The Balinese OM inside of the golden light, which then crashed into his eyebrow. Then, what he saw was only space full of golden light. That was the turning point where the path to spirituality begun in his life. That experience had changed his life since then. Meditation and yoga became his life and then he became a yoga teacher.

Putu Dwijendra has received an International Yoga Teacher Certificate from The Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre. His teaching styles guides to focus on the anatomy of each part of the body in detail, in order to achieve the correct posture. He leads to synchronize the breathing and the mind will be focus at the same time. This is very important, so the benefit of doing yoga asana will fully be gained.

Komang Abdi - The Healer

Komang AbdiKomang Abdi is a certified Reiki Healer. On his practical healing, he found that he is gifted and this finding leads him to be a great healer. Thus the healing is not just part of a technique that he learned, but more than that, he is equipped and guided by his talent.

Combined with several massage techniques such as Accupresure, Reflexology, and Swedish Massage that he masters, his signature healing gives that patient the sense of tranquillity, peace and freedom.

Made Subur - The Priest

Made SuburMade Subur used to be a banker, until one day he got very sick. It was believed that his sickness was only because he did not follow the order of the forefather to be a pemangku or a Balinese priest.

It was indeed a hard decision for him to make, but his sickness that he could not cope with gave him no choice. His forefather told him not to worry about his family as his forefather would feed them and provide the bread and butter for them.He was asked to do the order and his forefather would take care of the rest.

As soon as he said yes, with a small Balinese offering he was healed and totally recovered. Since that time he became a priest. He helps many people who have many different problem and situation, including many foreigners from all over the world. In his practice, he transforms the universe's blessing into his holy flower purification ritual.

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