Nani Wilson

The airline tickets were bought. Planning a trip to Bali, the intention was just relax, enjoy, nothing more nothing less. But the Cosmos decided otherwise. Strange, it was a struggle to find a hotel around Nyepi  date of March.

By coincidence I found Bali Yoga Canti offered a Special Retreat Journey to Inner Self on Silence Day on the dates of March which I had to find a hotel. Everything fell into place.

In my heart I felt my husband and I had to go to the Retreat, it’s an inner feeling I had to follow, even though we had not much experience with yoga. Somehow it was important for us to do the “Journey to Inner Self”.

With an open mind we started the Retreat, not knowing what to expect. With patience, explanations and humor the yoga lessons were taught by Putu together with the Pranayama, the meditations, the Mantra and Yoga Nidra. It was a big challenge to me but each time the reward was big, I felt totally relaxed with full of energy afterwards. The crystal healing given by the healer Komang was special to me. The Priest Made helped me through palm reading and past life reading. It gave me the answers I need to understand. Together with the Karma purification and the Ocean Blessing Purification to let things go which I did not need any more, made The Journey to Inner Self complete.

Besides that I felt myself grateful, stronger and lighter it was very special to do this Retreat together with my husband, I recommend it to others. We shared something precious and the connection between us is greater than ever.  My husband and I will come back to continue this Inner Self Journey with the Retreats Bali Yoga Canti will offer. I thank Putu, Komang and Made for this Inner Self Journey.

It is difficult to express this Journey with words, only by experience one knows.


Nani Wilson

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