Leonard Leiwakabessy

The uniqueness of this retreat is that the yoga sessions are in combination with sessions with Made, the priest and Komang, the healer. My experiences, as someone who is not spiritual, rather driven by ratio, are unique and difficult to explain. Yet I wish to share some of my inner experiences during this one week retreat and the “Journey  to  Inner self”.

The twice daily yoga exercises, intense and challenging to your body, amazed me by the fact that obviously one is able to stretch to the limits of one’s body by listening and following the guidance in the voice of the Yoga master: “Relax, release, relax, relax….go deep into your heart and let go the tensions……”. The Yoga Nidra, at the end of each yoga exercise, calms you down and - during the first session - amazingly there was this brief moment I experienced that, maybe only a few seconds or maybe longer, one is empty of thoughts.  As soon as I realized this, it faded away, and I did not experience this unique moment again. But, it has occurred to me and apparently it is indeed possible!

At the end of each yoga session one is not fatigue, but fully energized, bristling with fresh thoughts and in high spirits. And the Mantra session is truly a personal experience and the energy that permeated my body cannot be elaborated. The one healing session with Komang was relaxing and soothing to your body and mind, as he released the stress from your body. The sessions with Made the priest through hand palm reading - looking into your chakras - reading your past life and thereafter the cleansing ritual at this house are revelations to oneself.

The last day of the retreat and very early morning we all drove to the beach in Sanur and while facing the sea we said our prayers and thereafter went into to seawater for the final cleansing ritual. While floating on the seawater, again the words of the Yoga master: “Go into yourself, open-up and let go…..” In the early evening Nani and I took the flight from Denpassar to Jakarta, heading home.

It was and is a unique experience of knowing your body, your thoughts, your feelings and recognition of your inner-life. The “Journey to Innerself” opens up one’s life, and I believe that in it’s essence this is what happened.

Thank you Yoga master Putu, priest Made, and healer Komang.

We will return, rather sooner than later!

Leonard Leiwakabessy

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