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A complete yoga will be guided, from exercising your body, giving tonic and massaging the internal organ with the choice sequence and posture, to integrating your breath. By doing so, the mind will be calm and tranquil. You will feel the body, breath and mind united. That addresses to the meaning of the word "yoga". The session will be ended with pranayama and a guided meditation to activate your chakra in order to awakening your kundalini shakti power.



Sarva Prana Healing is a holistic healing focusing on meridian points and seven chakra points of the body. It is started by applying Acupressure technique on each meridian points of the body. The sensation of heat is often taken as an indication of universe energy flow. However, a wide range of sensations may be felt by both the healer and the recipient. Among other things, a tingling, coolness, warmth, or the sensation of colors may be experienced. People typically leave an energy healing session feeling relaxed and serene. However, sometimes recipients of therapy will experience what practitioners call a cleansing crisis. They may feel nauseous, dizzy, weak, or headachy, these symptoms are result of the body getting rid of toxins and realigning itself to the flow of universe energy. Sarva Prana Healing leaves you with a radiant sensation that flows through and around you. 

Seven Chakra Chrystal healing is a signature holistic healing by placing Chrystal stone in every chakra points. Each Chakra point has different color meaning different energy is apply. It is administered by a Healer who has a special "Given Talent", channels healing energy through the palms of his hands by focusing on the seven main chakra points of the body, to ultimately release stress and emotional tension, clear the mind and induce a sense of harmony, tranquillity and freedom.


Karma Purification

Karma means action or deed. In this world nothing happens to a person that he does not for some reason or other deserve. Usually, men of ordinary intellect cannot comprehend the actual reason or reasons. The definite invisible cause or causes of the visible effect is not necessarily confined to the present life, they may be traced to a proximate or remote past birth.
Either this inequality of mankind has a cause, or it is purely accidental. No sensible person would think of attributing this unevenness, this inequality, and this diversity to blind chance or pure accident.
This inequality is due not only to heredity, environment, "nature and nurture", but also to Karma. In other words, it is the result of our own past actions in our past life and our own present doings. We ourselves are responsible for our own happiness and misery. We create our own Heaven. We create our own Hell. We are the architects of our own fate.The accumulated karmic tendencies, inherited in the course of previous lives, at times play a far greater role than the hereditary parental cells and genes in the formation of both physical and mental characteristics.

Now some of you may not believe the concept of having lived many life times. If that is the case, you may not understand why certain situations are repeated over and over again. Some of you may find a confusion event to decide what glass you will use to drink, night mare keep repeating come in your dream every night, fear of something which is you do not know why, double personality which is you do not understand happening to you, you feel you have always done a good thing to everybody for this years but in return they give you mostly something bad to you or maybe you have a question about your life which is you haven’t found the answer yet.. and soon and soon. If you are keeping experience this kind of situation for a long period or for years you may look at the different angle that is might be your past life Karma.  

Karma Purification is neutralizing your past life karma for whoever you were or whatever you did in your past life, mostly you had done a bad thing and you have to experience the fruit of your action in this present life. Otherwise if you had done a good thing you will yield a good fruit of your action.

The package consists of some step. As an initial step is name reading will be perform. Your name will tell you how you have been trough your lives from you were born until today life and also from the present until you will get retired. The palms show you about your money, relationship, and carrier. Aura and chakra checking will tell you how deep your tension, depression or stress. Getting all the above done the priest will connect with your soul to ask who were you in the previous life what did you do and what have you done. This connection will unfold your past life karma. He will find the answer or reason of why you are facing such kind of problem or obstacle or blockage for years in this present life. If your past life the karma was heavy (it’s mean you have done really bad action) maybe you need to do purification more two or three time at different time or maybe an additional purification to go to the meeting point of two river. The meeting point of two rivers it is believed have a very strong energy for a particular purification in Bali. The duty or job of your past life will tell priest how many different flower you need for your purification (as different past life has different number of flower for purification).

These complete sessions would bring about more conscious life in which you would feel like being reborn again with the happiness and peace within so that you will be able to function better in this worldly life.


Ocean Blessing

We will go to the beach early in the morning before the sun rise. Our priest will bring an offering to the God in manifestation as Varuna deity in the ocean to have his permission that we will do purification in His autorithy and to give us blessing so that there will be no obstacle for our ritual.

Purification will begin after the mantra and prayer are done. We will go down in the ocean under the priest guidance, as we are floating on the beach all the impurity will wash away by the ocean, each person will have different experience you may feel numbness in your palm or feet or you may feel pressure on the chest or cough or you just fell nothing but happiness.

You will be assisted to be able to float on the water. These morning ocean blessing purification is the completed journey of finding your dream.



Havan (Fire Ceremony)

Havanam (also Havana, Havan) is the term for a sacred purifying ritual (yajna) that involves a fire ceremony. It is a ritual of sacrifice made to the fire God Agni. After lighting a Havan Kund (sacrificial fire), objects such as fruits, honey, or wooden goods are put into the sacred fire. If there are any spirits that are evil around you or even inside you they get burned off in the sacred fire. It is believed that this sacrifice will bring health, happiness, luck and prosperity.

Worshipping fire as a form of God is an old Vedic tradition. Fire is a manifestation of cosmic energy (shakti) and an element of transformation. It represents also the flame of the soul burning in the heart chakra.

By feeding the fire with material offering, while reciting certain mantras, it transform the gross, material energy into subtle one. Regular Havan also affect the environment with harmony, balancing atmosphere and the electromagnetic field. Through meditation on fire we learn to concentrate on the divine in the form of light.

Chandan mark is the presence of the divine energy and light on our head. The yellow sandal wood paste is the applied to cool our mind. The red kumkum is put on out third eye and the rice symbolize the purity of the soul.

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