Seminyak, Kuta & Canggu Yoga Class

Seminyak, Kuta, Legian and Changgu yoga class is at Prana yoga studio, located in Prana Spa at The Villas Bali Seminyak, offers the perfect environment to begin or further your yoga practice.
Inside and mosquito free, this exquisitely designed space offers classes led by a variety of instructors. 


Daily Yoga Schedule

Putu teaches morning class only. His class on Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 9.00 am and Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 7.30 am

The class is fun and humor but it will bring you deep into your practice to the core of your being where usually the mind and the body in different direction but in his class these will be meet together in union. He will help you to shape up your body burn a lot of calory and fat in your body and bring the toxic out through the pori of your skin with the sweat, so your skin will be fresh and always be healthy if you keep practicing with him. He teach also in his class the pranayama or breathing exercise it will make your mind calm and tranquility also peaceful of your heart. The energy you gain after the pranayama will recharge your body after you did the yoga posture. That is why most of his yoga participants said that event their sweat a lot but after the class their body get fresh, energize, happy and peaceful. Yoga nidra will accompany you while you do your savasana or corpse pose with chant vedic mantra and the healing sound from his holly bell. Do come and join his class. You will have a different experience on your practice.

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PRANA Yoga/Spa - Opposite Bali Deli, Jalan Kunti, Seminyak  : (0361) 730- 840


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